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    "Thank you for your valuable insight regarding the two finalists for a senior management position. The position called for someone with high levels of honesty, integrity, technical and management skills. I found your analysis to be very accurate and was pleased to find a hidden benefit in having your analysis done prior to the final interview. I was also able to ask about certain aspects that otherwise would have been known only when hiring and working with the individual for several months. Thanks for helping us select the best of the best" Steven D. Lee, Steven Lee Design

  • "Thank you so much for helping me to understand him more clearly... you give me more ideas how to deal with his emotion and deep inside him..." Belinda

  • You really helped me reveal my inner self; something I thought could not be done." Farrington High Student

  • "Thank you for bringing to light many qualities I felt were there but somehow couldn't exactly put into words" Hawaii Dance Instructor

  • "Ruthie has the uncanny natural and educated ability to discern personality traits from handwriting. I've seen her build a person's self esteem and confidence level. A true gift is her sense of humor. To Ruthie, life is a 'sitcom' that she lives and observes. The simplest of events become full of life. Combined with the subject matter, her experience as a speaker, and unique personalizations, audiences feel the talk was prepared for them individually." Beverly Michaels, Corp. Health Administrator, HECO

What is Graphoanalysis?

Posted by ruthiechong on January 30, 2021

Handwriting is important.  From the earliest times, the stamp of individuality it provides has been considered of great significance.

We place much value on a signed portrait, an autographed book or a signed work of art.  A manuscript, although the words printed from it are identical, is a treasured document; in business time is taken to sign hundreds of letters by hand; a politician places his signature as well as his picture on his campaign advertising; social letters must be handwritten.  Why?  Because, subconsciously, we all realize that there is a part of the writer himself in the way he writes.  As her features are distinctive – his writing is his alone.

The trained Graphoanalyst sees in a written page the real portrait of a person.  The Graphoanalyst can read what the writer says and he can also determine in the writing how he thinks… what he is.  No wonder that for generations scholars have sought to explore the secrets of handwriting.

To know oneself is to be able to use one’s capabilities to the best of advantage.  To know others is to understand them and to be able to work with them.

Many heartaches could be avoided if one person understood another.  Many marriages could be saved, vocational situations improved, and social and psychological problems handled more intelligently.  Many a child would develop to his or her full potentialities if they were completely understood and carefully guided.

Graphoanalysis is as dedicated to human understanding and happiness as the medical profession is dedicated to physical health.  It is a sacred trust.

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Looking for a Tutor?

Posted by ruthiechong on August 15, 2020

Looking for a Tutor… with special skills?Ruthie

Many parents hire tutors to help their child do better academically. My experience is in that area also. I can help your child with language arts, writing, reading, and homework.

It’s also important for children to be healthy emotionally and socially so they can have good self-esteem, confidence, initiative, and discover that learning can be fun.

Learn more…


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